Inmate Education

Inmate Education

Inmate Training Program

HCMO has developed an educational and life skills training program for the prisons. In implementing this project, HCMO has been granted permission by the Kenya prisons to facilitate proposed programs with Kamiti as a pilot project with room to expand to other prisons as resources allow. Activities include educating the inmates, their children, training of prison officers and training of trainers (TOT) for inmates and prison officers. The objective for TOT is to facilitate future trainings by inmates and staff as HCMO moves to other prisons. The outreach for inmates is in preparation for integration into society upon release.

HCMO believes that the proposed education will further enhance self esteem, inner confidence, integrity and de-stigmatization.

HCMO’s educational and life skill program costs $100.00 per year, per inmate; this is inclusive of writing books, pens, printing course outlines and transport for teachers.

Donate Towards the Training Program

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