To create a society that is responsive to the needs of single parents, children, and youth, while recognizing and utilizing their potential in development.


To stimulate and reorganize the community in networking developmental activities in Kenya. To empower the community to become self-reliant, find practical solutions that meet basic needs and reduce effects of poverty, hunger, and disease.


  • Empower single mothers/fathers and their children (who are faced with extreme poverty) in order to promote economic freedom and alleviate poverty
  • Create and promote a coordinated approach in the understanding of single parenthood as it affects children, among other interested parties in Kenya.
  • Generate funds and other resources to support the course of protecting the child through empowerment of the mother/parent and support other programs’ objectives
  • Act as a lobby and publicity centre for the improvement of the economic, social, and spiritual well being of marginalized groups such as single parents, individuals from disenfranchised communities, inmates and so forth.
  • Empower Inmates and Prison Staff through rehabilitative education.
  • To signpost target group to other service providers that our organization does not provide.
  • To establish or assist in the establishment of schools, educational centers and libraries.

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