Inmate Graduation Class Speech

HCMO Inmate Graduating Class
HCMO Inmate Graduating Class facilitated by Father’s Hand Training Institute

I on behalf of the entire Victory Bible Institute class (VBI) do take this great opportunity to first and foremost thank the Almighty Father and Lord for giving us an opportunity to grace this auspicious occasion on the first graduation of VBI through Father’s Hand Bible Training Institute. Allow me please to welcome all of you today to be a part of this great and exceptional occasion to celebrate the great works of the Lord as surely He has finished what He started, true to His wonderful word.

The class started on the 6th of February, 2012 with an initial student capacity of about 40 students which was later boosted to about 58 students. However, due to several constraints, the student population dwindled to about 44 who currently are graduating today. Out of the 58, 8 have so far been released through successful appeals at diverse stages in the course and hence the population you are witnessing today.

It has been a grueling tough war of over 400 hours of intensive study and it has been an exemplary example of great resilience on the part of the grandaunts as it was not an easy walk. For that, I want to specifically thank them for their courage and determination to walk as gallant soldiers of the Lord under the circumstances. It was, however, worthwhile as we have not come out of that season empty handed since we have learnt a lot and we can now boldly stand up to be counted as great ambassadors of Christ Jesus in Kenya, Africa and beyond for the whole world as this is what we have now been commissioned to do.

One cannot desire more unless one sees more and we now desire more because we have seen more aptly emblemized that “go is my name, do is my part and compassion is my heart”. Great revelation of the Rhema Word has it that we don’t need more revelation, action and interpolation, but action on what God has already declared. We don’t need more speculation, but more action in what the word of God says. We don’t need more pontification or perversity, introspection or deliberate pondering; we need more action in responding to people’s needs, more action to overcome fear with faith and more consecration or dedication to have more belief as emotions will never be a substitute for actions and that is what we are rededicating ourselves to do.

However, the chief guest of honour, we want to acknowledge that there were challenges along the way some surmountable and others insurmountable among them;

  • Lack of enough stationery
  • Language barriers
  • DVD player and TV set
  • Class Computer, Printer and consumables

We however, want to thank you for your concerned efforts, encouragement, understanding and love even when the going seemed impossible and the adage, therefore, that tough times require tough people came true.

We also want to thank our beloved and caring Mama and Dad, the County Prisons Commander Madam Wanini and Officer in Charge Mr. Maweu, the spiritual parents, Rev. Mutuku, our dear Chaplain in charge, Rev. Geoffrey K. Muiru, Pastors Matunda, Kitongo, Mutuamwari, Kariuki and all the other spiritual workers under him, the office of the welfare under the untiring Coii, Mr. Keah, Mr. Kirwa, Sgt. Chenenje and others, and our relatives who have been very supportive morally, spiritually, materially and in kind.

Finally, I would like to congratulate all the grandaunts for their deep commitment and unrelenting spirit to move on despite the circumstances and may God bless you all as we look forward to the commencement of the higher diploma the soonest possible.
May the great God who sees the deepest points of our hearts bless you abundantly.



Primary School Education

Primary Education
As much as primary education is free, entry into public schools are very limited. To educate a child in primary school will cost $120.00 per year. This includes the following:
1) Uniform; 2) Lunch; 3) Books; 4) Transport

A group of 5 people donating $2.00 each per month will easily take care of one student.

Donate Towards Primary Education

Secondary Education

HCMO sends Sharon (centre) off to High School
HCMO sends Sharon (centre) off to High School

Secondary education is not free in Kenya. To educate a student will cost an average of $720.00 per year. This includes:
1) Tuition; 2) Books; 3) Transport; 4) Meals; 5) Other basic needs

A group of 5 people donating $12.00 each per month will empower one student.

To educate a youth through College will cost $750.00 per year. This includes:
1) Tuition; 2) Books; 3) Transport

To put a youth through university will cost $1,110.00 per semester (There are 3 semesters in one year). This includes:
1) Tuition; 2) Books; 3) Transport

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Inmate Graduation

Inmate Graduation
Inmate Graduation

Inmate Graduation

On February 6th 2012, HCMO launched a pilot training program at the Kamiti Maximum Prisons. This training is facilitated by Father’s Hand Training Institute which was also founded by the HCMO director.

Following the launch, a total of 50 inmates from Kamiti Maximum Prison received diploma’s after graduating from a year’s training on the 26th of October, 2012.

An investment of $100.00 per inmate will enable an inmate to receive training for a year; this is inclusive of writing books, pens, printing of course outlines, and transportation for trainers.

Donate Towards the Inmate Training Program


Inmate Education
Inmate Education

Inmate Training Program

HCMO has developed an educational and life skills training program for the prisons. In implementing this project, HCMO has been granted permission by the Kenya prisons to facilitate proposed programs with Kamiti as a pilot project with room to expand to other prisons as resources allow. Activities include educating the inmates, their children, training of prison officers and training of trainers (TOT) for inmates and prison officers. The objective for TOT is to facilitate future trainings by inmates and staff as HCMO moves to other prisons. The outreach for inmates is in preparation for integration into society upon release.

HCMO believes that the proposed education will further enhance self esteem, inner confidence, integrity and de-stigmatization.

HCMO’s educational and life skill program costs $100.00 per year, per inmate; this is inclusive of writing books, pens, printing course outlines and transport for teachers.

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NHIF Health
NHIF Health


Today, many people in Kenya continue to die from treatable illnesses due to the fact that they cannot afford medical care. Further, many poor people are held hostage in hospitals until they can clear the bill. In addition, bodies of the dead cannot be released to their families until the bill is cleared.

NHIF (National Health Insurance Fund) enables poor people to access in-patient public health. The fund covers the entire bill for the general ward in public hospitals, except for cosmetic procedures.

The yearly cost for this insurance per person amounts to $22.00

Donate Towards Health



Empower A Single Parent Entrepreneur

HCMO financially sponsors single parents who have identified business skills they would like to have developed. It also sponsors those who already have a running business.

This program gives you the opportunity to adopt an entrepreneur who lacks access to capital. It also gives you the opportunity to enable development of skills for those already in business. There are many different activities involved such as;

  • Hair dressing
  • Catering
  • Tailoring
  • Child Care
  • Vegetable/ Fruit Sales
  • Carpentry/Mechanics etc.

Your support could take the form of financial support, business mentoring or business skills development training.

Donate Towards Entrepreneurship